Parineeti Chopra
Parineeti Chopra.Varinder Chawla

Parineeti Chopra, who is awaiting the release of her new movie Jabariya Jodi, recently opened up about her battle with depression.

The actress narrated her journey through the disorder and coming out stronger. Parineeti had gone through a breakup at the time and her movies were also failing at the box office.

"I'm referring to the year 2015 - end of 2014 and all of 2015. I would say the one-and-half years were truly the worst time of my life. Two of my films, Daawat-e-Ishq and Kill Dil didn't work. That was my first setback. Suddenly I didn't have money. I had bought a house and done big investments. Then I went through a big heartbreak in my life. Literally, all departments in my life were down and I had nothing positive to look forward to," said Parineeti.

Talking about the terrible phase, Parineeti further said that she had stopped eating, sleeping and had locked herself up in her house.

"I stopped eating, sleeping well, didn't have any friends at that time. I never met people. I cut off touch with everyone including my family. I would talk to them once in two weeks. I was gone. I just used to be in my room, watching TV, sleeping, getting up, and staring all day. I was a zombie. I was typical filmy depressed girl. I would curl up on my sofa and sleep, falling ill all the time. I didn't meet the media for almost six months," she said.

However, Parineeti had two people – her brother Sahej and a friend Sanjana – who helped her fight depression.

Parineeti Chopra
Pictured: Parineeti Chopra at Toronto International Film Festival 2013.Reuters

"I literally took life into my own hands because I thought if I go into this pit, I'll never come out again. I was 25 and very vulnerable emotionally. I never had any gravitas. I was just a flying bird who didn't have anything holding me. I thought if I don't get out of it now I never will," the actress said.

"Suddenly I started working a lot. Bindu really healed me. My personal life became better. I started meeting friends again. I had to call a lot of people and apologize for being out of touch. I had to reconnect with my people and now, touch wood, I'm prepared. Today if any kind of failure hits me, I'm definitely better prepared. I thank God every day that this didn't happen to me later. I am so glad it happened when I was 25. That jhatka (shock) so early can really fix you for life," added Parineeti.

Earlier, Deepika Padukone had revealed that she once suffered acute depression and now she runs an NGO that helps people suffering with the disorder.