Raveena Tandon is making waves in the last few years with KGF and Aranyak. The diva made a stellar comeback and is now raring to go. The Tip Tip Barsa Pani actress made jaws dropped when she was recently seen interacting with Akshay Kumar at an awards event. Delving further into her friendships in the industry, Raveena revealed that she was close friends with both Mona Kapoor and Sridevi.

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Torn between Sridevi and Mona

Tandon revealed that she was 'torn apart' between Mona and Sridevi. She revealed that while she had been close friends with Mona from the beginning, she began to get close to Sridevi later. "We would talk; she would tell me things. She would trust me; we were close. I would be in a dilemma. Mona was my dear friend then. Sri became a friend while working with her. For some years, I was torn apart. Unfortunately, they went through that thing. (In the passing away of Sridevi and Mona), we lost two beautiful souls," Raveena told ETimes.

Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon
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"Torn apart means: I could understand Mona's issues. I could understand Sri's issues as well. I was kind of there for both of them. People go through a lot in their personal lives and as a friend you can be there for them without talking ill about the other person," she added.

The Shool actress went on to reveal that she now shares a great equation with both Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar. She revealed that they all get along well and have moved on in life.