Yashaswini Dayama is an actor, model, singer, and social media influencer. She has appeared in several Bollywood films like Phobia and Dear Zindagi to name a few. The actor has received praises for her role of Rey Madhav, in web series Adulting, she was also part of other web shows like Delhi Crime, Made in Heaven, and short film Devi. At the moment she is garnering praise for her role in the film What Are The Odds that is streaming on Netflix. The film stars Karanvir Malhotra and Abhay Deol.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, Yashaswini Dayama spoke at length about her film What Are The Odds, kissing Abhay Deol and more.

Excerpts from the interview:


On working with Abhay Deol

After finishing half of the film, we (cast) went to meet Abhay at his office. He asked us, how old were we so some of them said they are 15 or 16. He assumed that I am also 16. (laughs) I was behaving like a teenager crushing over him. I couldn't look into his eyes unless until the camera would roll. He is super cool, a very wholesome pure person.

What are the odds in your life?

My whole career is foundationally odds, everything that is happening in my life is odds. Be it getting films, doing a show or being a social media influencer. I never planned anything everything fell at its place. Before all of this, my life is simple and basic.

On not being comfortable doing any explicit scenes on screen

All my shows namely Made in heaven, Delhi Crime and then Adulting came out in their own time. I am fortune with my choice of work and have let go of a lot of opportunities. I didn't want to do something which would tarnish the image that I have created. I thought a lot about it and since then I have been clear I don't want to do any scene that has nudity and sexuality. I was offered a lot of shows like these but I turned them down. Having said that in this film What Are The Odds, the scene was asexual and innocent. Personally I find it very comfortable kissing on screen.


On enacting a small portion of a kissing scene!

Talking about the kissing scene it was awkward, for me at least it was never meant to be, in the script. So one day it happened that when I reached the sets, I am told there is a scene wherein I have to kiss Abhay and it's not a mature, passionate kiss but something very immature and innocent like how teenagers think about it in a spur of the moment. Hearing that my heart was racing. I was terrified, I didn't want to do that scene. However, Abhay was chilled. During the first take, a very funny incident happened while enacting that scene the chair gave away accidentally and Megha (director) came rushing to me.