Yet another Saturday night and we are home quarantined and the extended lockdown has got us bored. In testing times like these when one doesn't want to be motivated to do anything but turn to a relaxing mode, alone or with loved ones just reminiscing good times in life. Thinking about what to do this weekend. We have a plan!

International Business Times India brings to you five romantic web series to watch with your loved ones.

So cuddle up and binge on...

romantic web shows to watch


F.R.I.E.N.D.S  is still one of those shows that we love to watch over and over again.  The characters, the friendship, the chemistry, the love and the count is endless. Everything about it represents the life we wish we were leading. Although it's never hard to find this series somewhere on the television, Netflix gives us the chance to either binge a series from start to finish or hand-pick our favourite episodes the one with Ross's sandwich, the one with the apartment swap, the one where Ross and Rachel were on a break, the gossips, the vague relationships that every Friend's fan will relate to. Needless to say, this show can never ever end for us. can you hear the song, 'I'll be there for you!'

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Did anyone guess that?

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Happy Anniversary Chandler and Monica!

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

kaise yeh yaariyan

One can never ever forget the romantic chemistry between Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is a story of friendship, love, and relationships in the life of young adults and it premiered on MTV after which it was moved to Voot. It has released three seasons till now. The first season focuses on Manik and Nandini, who get caught up in a contest between love and friendship. The second season continues from the first, depicting how the characters' lives change due to their changing equations. The third season catches up with Manik and Nandini after four years of their life and how their relationship has evolved after becoming responsible adults. so all you Parth and Niti fans this is the best time to reminisce those priceless moments shared by the adorable duo.

 Baarish 2 

A beautiful and pure love story set against the backdrop of Mumbai rains. The marriage of rich Gujarati businessman Anuj and Marathi girl Gauravi is set up by their families in a traditional style. Each episode takes an interesting turn as their marriage turns into a love affair. But as fate has it, disagreements and lack of communication enter their lives a the third wheel. Soon the love story starts dwindling away and the couple head for a divorce. The second season of Baarish has dropped a few weeks ago and the remaining episodes will be streaming on May 25.

Little Things 2 (Netflix India)

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✨ Little Things 3 ✨ . . . Let's not ruin this, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, our cute little small world, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, Our late night talks when we used to exchange our souls, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, Your midnight cravings for kaju katli, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this , our beverages and street food halts, Our little things. . . Let's not ruin this, our roadside immatureness and clueless romantic salsa dance. Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, When you used to have your fav panipuri, And i used to stand beside with a waterbottle, Our little things. . . Let's not ruin this, Our long drives when we used to be us, Like free birds, just flying fearlessly, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, Eating the melted Cadbury silk, With each other's hand, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, Our favorite Cornetto sharing the last peice, Our little things . . Let's not ruin this, Your unnatural PMS pangs, My male syndrome . . Let's not ruin this, Crying out each other's heart, Fear to love, fear to lose . . Let's not not ruin whatever little love we have for each other, ------------------------------- Credits = @radheyzunjur #OurLittleThings ❤️ #LittleThings ? #dicemedia #dicemedialittlethings #writing #poetry #writer #writersofinstagram #love #quotes #poetsofinstagram #poem #poems #writersofig #poetrycommunity #poet #art #words #quote #writers #quoteoftheday #life #sad #lovequotes #reading #instagram #like #write #littlethings3

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Since the runaway success of its first season, Little Things created a modern love story that every urban Indian young adult resonated with. Following Dhruv and Kavya, essayed by the talented Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, the show effortlessly showcases how the modern romance pans out through live-in relationships, gender politics and sensible discussions that help them work through their issues. Unlike most love stories written for the screen, Little Things breaks the clutter for its smart, insightful observations made with limited fuss and a developed sense of maturity. Even in its second season, it never distracts itself from being a show about a young couple, struggling to adjust to independent life, burdened with more money than they've ever seen and terrified that one day, it'll all go away.

dhruv and kavya

Kehne ko Humsafar Hai season 1 and 2 (rewind)

After the grand success of the first two seasons, the makers are back to regale audiences with the third season of the show. The series stars Ronit Roy, Gurdip Kohli Punjj, Mona Singh, Apurva Agnihotri along with Aditi Vasudeva amongst others.

Poonam is a caring wife, whose husband Rohit Mehra is in love with an interior designer named Ananya Sharma. Poonam struggles to maintain her family, with her two daughters Bani and Nikki, whereas Rohit has to choose between society and his marriage on the one hand and his true love on the other hand. How they deal with this web of relationships forms the rest of the story, which has aired two seasons to date. As the third season is about to drop. Do brush up your memories and watch the emotionally turbulent journey of these three protagonists. The show deals with extramarital affair, love, lust, regret and family values. This show has is for die hearth Balaji fans!

So cuddle up to your partner, cat, or dog and watch these romantic web shows. And raise a toast to these lockdown Saturday nights!