Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt shares his experience with drugsPR Handout

Sanjay Dutt recently attended an event to promote the campaign called "Drug Free India", and shared how he was almost on the verge of dying while he was on drugs.

Sanjay's past addiction to drugs is no secret, and the actor hardly shys away from sharing his experiences. Addressing a large young crowd, Sanjay said that he had realised he needed help when he saw himself bleeding from his nose and mouth. He said that this happened after he slept for two days without even being aware of it.

"It was one morning, I woke up and I was very hungry. My mother had already passed away that time, and I asked my house help to give me food. He then told me that I did not eat since last two days as I kept sleeping. When I saw myself in bathroom, I was on the verge of dying. I was bleeding from my nose and mouth. This made me scared, and went to my father seeking help," Sanjay said at the event.

Sharing his experience of being in a rehab, the veteran actor said that he used to feel tempted in the first year of his treatment, but he somehow managed to control his urge. He also said that after he came back to India, a drug peddler came to meet him with a new kind of drug, but he chose not to get into drugs ever again.

The movie Sanju, which was made on the life of Sanjay, had also shown similar sequences while narrating the part of his struggle to get rid of drugs.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, although the film was a box office hit, Sanju was widely criticised by many, alleging that it was made to white-wash the actor's image. While the director defended himself saying that he had no such intention, a section of people refused to buy his argument.