Ghost hunter Phil Sinclair
Ghost hunter Phil SinclairYoutube/screenshot

Ghost hunter Phil Sinclair claims to have come face to face with a spirit when he visited Britain's most haunted road. On September 2, the paranormal investigator recorded a video in the woods in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to see the spirits of children and a mysterious monk were true.

The 15-minute video shows Sinclair in fear after he encounters a shadowy figure. To communicate, he used a device that detects Electromotive force (EMF) and turns into language, Mirror reported.

The footage also recorded voices telling Sinclair to "get out" before asking for his soul. Sinclair asked, "What do you need?" and the reply he got was "Your soul." The ghost hunter even encountered a ghostly figure walking behind him.

"This road is known as the most haunted road in Britain," he tells his viewers. "When this road was under construction, two security guards witnessed a group of children playing ring o' ring o' roses. Also, there have been reports of a monk walking the area. I am hoping to make contact with these entities."

After the encounter, he described the experience as the most terrifying. "This investigation is the most terrifying one so for me personally as it affected me enough I couldn't sleep," the 30-year-old said in the video.

"A figure appears to walk behind me at 5.55. To get a better view watch from 5.53 "Moments later I actually see the figure for myself! I literally struggle to find the words to describe what I witnessed during this investigation. I will be left with an image I will never forget."

"When I got home, I couldn't shake the image from my mind, leaving me to take a sleeping tablet. I'm not the one to jump straight in and say everything is paranormal. I like to debunk as much as I can but this experience is something I cannot explain."

It is not known when Sinclair recorded the video, but he shared it on his YouTube page last week.

Watch the video below: