No one had ever imagined that KGF Chapter 1 would become such a huge hit that will connect to audience across the country. However, the film's lead actor Rocking Star Yash was confident that the movie has had a universal appeal while he was shooting for the film. He had said that instead of celebrating the success of the film, he would rather invest his time putting in more efforts to make KGF Chapter 2 even more bigger success.

Yash has now become one of the most desirable actors down south, but very few people are aware of his struggle that made him such a big star. After the success of KGF 1, Yash had opened up about how he ran away from home to become a film star.

Before coming to Bengaluru, Yash (Naveen Kumar - real name) used to take care of a provision store which his family had opened. He used to buy all the vegetables and faced a lot of difficulties in the process. His father, Arun Kumar, was a BMTC bus driver, and mother Pushpa, a housewife.

"Initially, my parents were not happy with my decision to become an actor. My dad wanted me to be a government officer. I wanted to be an actor from my childhood when I would participate in a lot of dramas and dance competition. I got addicted to the applause and the whistles from when I was very young. I loved it! Even my teachers called me 'Hero' . I believed I was a hero. I thought I'd be a superstar the minute I got here (in Bengaluru). I lived in my own dream world. Even now I feel I am living in a dream," Yash had told The News Minute in an interview.

Scared when reached Bengaluru

Yash with his daughter Ayra
Yash with his daughter AyraScreenshot of Instagram video

Recalling how he ran away from home and what kind of struggles her had face, Yash said that he had only Rs 300 in his pocket when he came to Bengaluru.

"I ran off from my home. When I came to Bengaluru, I was scared the minute I reached. Such a big, intimidating city. But I was always a confident guy. I wasn't scared to struggle. I had just 300 rupees in my pocket when I reached Bengaluru. I knew if I went back, my parents would never allow me to return here. My parents gave me an ultimatum. I was free to try my luck as an actor but after that, if it didn't work out, I had to do what they asked me to," Yash said.

He continued, "They thought I'd come back. I began doing theatre. Someone luckily took me to do theatre. I knew nothing about it. I began making money backstage. Chai se lekar poora sab kuch (from bringing tea to everything)... Initially, I also assisted a director to enter the Kannada film industry. While I did theatre, I travelled a lot. My first appearance on stage was noticed."

Cut to present, Yash is now gearing up for the release of KGF Chapter 2. He had been spending sleepless nights along with his team of technicians to work on KGF 2 teaser and trailer.