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Vikram falls short of words when talking about his upcoming movie "I". The actor, preparing for a mass release of "I" says that the movie offered him one of the most-challenging roles of his life. The actor also explains how he found it difficult to manage four different looks for the movie.

"My role in 'I' was the most challenging because it I play four different characters. Putting on the prosthetics alone would take five hours initially, down to three-and-a-half hours later on. Removing the makeup alone would to take close to two hours with four people working on it together. Then the shoot would go on for 17 hours along with some extreme dieting. But the most difficult part was to carry the prosthetics. It was physically impossible and I did it for almost a year. I don't know whether I will have so much strength to do it again. It was that challenging," Vikram told Asianet.

Talking about "I", the actor said that the movie involves lot of magic and is deep rooted in its storyline. Apparently, the makers had to travel a lot to make the movie a special one and shot at various locations like China, Madhya Pradesh, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Thailand.

The team travelled to Thailand for a single shot at a house there. The actor claims that the movie will take audience through lot of terrains and changes which will be a new experience to the audience.

"Each fight would be different, something new for the audience in terms of style and same is the case with songs too. Most important aspect of the movie is that the story is very strong. Even if you keep these special characters, their make up or looks aside, there will be a magic in the movie," claimed Vikram.