Vicky Jain reacts to Ankita Lokhande getting called out for using Sushant Singh Rajput's name on Bigg Boss 17
Vicky Jain reacts to Ankita Lokhande getting called out for using Sushant Singh Rajput's name on Bigg Boss 17Instagram

Bigg Boss 17 fame Ankita Lokhande didn't make it to the top 3 and was eliminated which eventually Mannara, Munawar and Abhishek battled it out for the trophy. In the end, Salman Khan announced Munawar as the winner. Abhishek was the first runner-up while Mannara was the second runner-up.

Ankita was mighty disheartened losing to Munawar. According to her, she deserved to win. Salman Khan also expressed his shock over Ankita's elimination. He compared her journey to Priyanka's journey, who played exceptionally well in Bigg Boss 16.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain
Ankita with her mother and Vicky [top left], Ankita and Vicky [centre], Ankita [top right], Ankita's mother-in-law [botton left], Ankita [centre], Ankita with Vicky's mother [bottom right[Instagram

Ankita and Vicky's turbulent relationship inside the house

Ankita and Vicky had a troubled game inside the house. The real-life couple fought over petty issues and abused each other over trivial matters. Ankita was highly insecure about Vicky and Mannara's closeness. Vicky compared her and Munawar's friendship but when it came to Ankita, she seemed to be unhappy with Mannara and Vicky's brewing friendship.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita Lokhande
Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande fell in love six years ago on the sets of their television showVarinder Chawla

Ankita Lokhande inside the house, spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput and how he wanted to make it big in Bollywood. With Ankita speaking about SSR inside the house, Vicky's mother didn't like her daughter-in-law dragging her ex's name. A section of netizens slammed her for seeking sympathy.

During media interviews post her exit she addressed the most likely question that came her way, related to SSR.

Ankita said, "I feel very proud to talk about Sushant wherever I am and there is nothing wrong in talking about Sushant. I am talking only about the good things which I know about him. I feel it is absolutely fine because jitna main Sushant ko jaanti hoon shayad koi nahi jaanta. ( As much as I know SSR, no one knows him).

On playing the sympathy card

Ankita said, "I would have even spoken about Sushant outside if I felt someone was inspired by him. If that person knew I was related to Sushant, I would want to tell them a story that I knew about Sushant. There is nothing wrong, I am not telling people my story, I was telling them about him. So let people say what they want to."

She added, "I don't get bothered about playing a sympathy card or offending Sushant's fanbase. I know I can get abused by them, but when I know some good things about him, why should I keep quiet? I would even talk about my father who has played a very important part in my life. Anyone who has been a part of my life, I will speak about them because they inspire me also somewhere to live a better life. If I can inspire someone who wants to be like Sushant, I will speak about him to that person."

On the other hand, Vicky Jain too addressed allegations against wife Ankita of using Sushant's name for attention.

Vicky Jain addresses allegations

Vicky emphasised with Ankita and said, "Kyunki woh relationship raha hai log unse sawaal poochte the yaa baatein discuss karte the.. even if people don't ask questions, they just discuss him with Ankita. (Because of that relationship, people used to ask her questions or discuss things with her).

He added, "I never had any issues with her talking about Sushant. She has always said good things.."

For the unversed, Ankita and Sushant were in a long-term relationship for several years before they broke up due to personal reasons. Sushant was declared dead by suicide in 2021. Ankita is married to Vicky Jain.

Vicky and Ankita have recently headed to an undisclosed destination for vacation.