It's Shanivaar ka Vaar time and yet another weekend episode hosted by Salman Khan, as Bigg Boss 16 is nearing its finale. Tension and temper among housemates have mounted. There are fights, flaws, allegations, drama, love, friendship and a gamut of emotions that housemates are witnessing locked inside the house. Once again Salman Khan reprimanded Shalin Bhanot over his comment on Tina Datta.

Bigg Boss 16

Salman Khan schools Shalin Bhanot

In the promo shared by Colors channel, Salman Khan is seen schooling Shalin brutally and giving him an earful over Shalin's remark to Tina when he said, "'Ek se Ek nikli toh dusre ke paas chipki (you leave one person and get closer to another).

To which Shalin replied, One line." Salman adds, "That is that one line only." Shalin then asked Salman, "She's talking about my ex-wife, which is fine. Coming on my reputation, what do you want me to do?" This comment angered Salman, he tells Shalin, "I know a lot of things about you and your ex-wife. I do not bring it up here."

Netizens slammed Shalin and Tina over their fake relationship and even lashed out at Shalin for his overacting. Take a look at the comments below.

A user said, "Shalin needed this check, he is talking rubbish about every girl."

Another user mentioned, "Vo bichari ex wife jiska Lena na dena har ldai m uska nam khusa denge." (What is the point of dragging his ex-wife, who is not even related to this).

The third one said, "It was Shalin who started first by saying that 'one line' then Tina went on his ex-wife. Glad to see that Salman is going to take proper class of this over smart Shalin.

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot hurl abuses at each other

Recently, Shalin and Tina hurled abuses at each other. In a clip shared by ColorsTV on Instagram, Shalin said Tina, "Aap dogle ho, aapke saath koi ek ladka khatam hota hai, toh aap dusre se chipakne lag jaate ho (You have double standards, when one guy goes away from you, you hunt for another man, try to get closer to him)."

BB 16

To which Tina lost her calm and said,"Zubaan sambhaal kar baat kar (Mind your language, Shalin). I'll fu***** slap you."

An enraged Shalin said , "Mai iski sachai dikhaana chah raha hoon (I am trying to expose her)."

Tina said, "Mere character pe ungli uthaa raha hai, khud ki biwi ki dignity nahi rakha, Shalin Bhanot gande aadmi (He is doing my character assassination, he could not maintain her ex-wife's dignity properly, such a bad person)."

Meanwhile, Shalin was earlier married to actor Dalljiet Kaur. They called it quits in 2015.