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The self-styled godman V Vijayakumar Naidu known as 'Kalki Bhagwan', who was accused of tax evasion and was missing from past several days, has come up with a video claiming that he has not fled the country.

In a video released by the 70-year-old spiritual guru, he said that he has not fled the country and is at Nemam in Tamil Nadu. "I am very much here in the country. Neither the IT department nor the government is saying that I have fled the country," he said.

Check out Kalki Bhagwan's video here:

The Income Tax (IT) department had seized over Rs 400 crore unaccounted wealth from the ashrams of Kalki Bhagwan while conducting raids on his properties. The raids were conducted based on a tip-off from the Intelligence Bureau that Kalki's son Krishna is suspected to have made huge investments in several ventures of his associates including real estate with the use of illegal finance.

Kalki Bhagwan
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Krishna appeared before the IT department on Tuesday (October 22) after they had issued summons to him. Krishna was earlier admitted at a hospital in Chennai. The IT raids were conducted at ashrams that offered "wellness courses" at Varadaiahpalem in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and Bengaluru.