Amid the news of the ongoing pandemic, November began on a sweet and delightful note as actress Amrita Rao, and hubby RJ Anmol welcomed their first child a baby boy on Sunday morning.

Indeed, an amazing feeling for the couple as they can't stop staring at the newborn child's face. In an interview, Amrita opened up about joys of motherhood and how it feels to be a mommy in 2020, the year of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Amrita Rao
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Amrita on holding her son for the first time

Amrita says:

I can't stop staring at my baby's face and my husband Anmol's priceless expression of joy. The phenomenon of giving birth to another human being is unfathomable and divine. There is a God realisation that nothing is in your hands and control. This baby was meant to come this year, so yay... I'm a  2020 mom!

On being a mother

Amrita rao

I am mother now this feeling is yet to sink in because I'm a mumma's girl myself. If I begin to compare myself with my mom, then it's too big shoes to fill in, so I'd rather just enjoy the feeling of having a little wonder in my life to keep me on my toes.

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On manging kid

My baby got only pure home-cooked food, as both the grandmothers pitched in and took turns to stay with us. A nuclear family suddenly became a joint family. The bonding, spending quality time, having family conversations, eating together, praying together and enjoying planning the 'little things' together will surely inculcate such sanskars in my baby, too.

On resuming work

On the work front, the lockdown came as a boon. I didn't miss out on any work due to pregnancy. In fact, there have been some very interesting offers post August that I'm looking forward to taking up January onwards.