Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, most celebrities are still staying in touch with their fans through social media. In fact, one of the most jovial actors of Bollywood's, Shreyas Talpade, who constantly keeps his fans updated with his whereabouts, shared a selfie recently that didn't seem to appear pleasant or happy. The actor is injured and that's a worry for us and his fans.

In a recent image shared by Shreyas, we can see that the actor's eye is completely covered with a bandage. Despite having a bandage in an eye, the actor jokingly shared the news with his fans  wrote on social media that he was a "Pirate of The Quarantine"

Shreyas Talpade

Furthermore, Shreyas Talpade stated that he was not wearing his mask at the wrong place. He then asked his fans to guess what might have happened. At the end of his caption, Shreyas Talpade also thanked Dr. Sonal Lakdawala, the doctor who conducted his eye surgery.

Seeing his injured picture in social media, International Business Times got in touch with the actor and enquired about his health. Shreyas exclusively shared that he is fine.


Shreyas on health update

I am feeling better now, there is nothing to worry about.

On how he got hurt

I don't want to talk about it

Later, Shreyas Talpade took to his Instagram story to reveal the cause of his injury. The actor shared a photo of himself wearing sunglasses and wrote that he was actually suffering from a cornea abrasion. Which is why he had to get it patched up during quarantine. 


Not only are we concerned, but several fans and followers on his Instagram also asked him what happened to him and wished him a quick recovery. A few fans also playfully joked about his sudden eye patch.

Here are some of the comments on Shreyas Talpade's latest photo.


Today also happens to be Shreyas Talpade's daughter's birthday. However, she received an amazing cake from Ginni Chatrath, Kapil Sharma's wife. Shreyas Talpade shared a photo of this birthday cake and posted a heartfelt thank you note for his friends.

International Business Times wishes Shreyas a speedy recovery and his daughter a very happy birthday!