It's been merely two weeks since Bigg Boss OTT 2 premiered, and the house has already witnessed drama, kisses, fights and bum show. Everyone is aware of Jad Hadid and his flamboyant nature, he has kissed Akansha Puri during a task, and inmate Jiya Shankar also French kiss with Manisha Rani.

Manisha Rani kisses forcefully

Last week, Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik entered as a wild card contestant. Ever since his entry and weekend Ka Vaar episode, Abdu saw a lot inside the house. Salman Khan's anger and how Bhaijaan reprimanded Jad for showing his kissing Akansha for 30 seconds. Monday morning began with the nomination task, and Jiya became the new captain of the house.


On Monday evening, Bigg Boss gave a task to Abdu, the singer had to shoot a reel on his songs, Chalak Bro and Chota Bhaijaan teams had to shoot a reel. Abdu decided to shoot the reel with Jad Hadid, Manisha Rani, Avinash Sachdev and Jiya Shankar. However, the task turned ugly with Manisha when she forcibly planted a kiss on Abdu's cheeks.

Manisha forcefully kisses Abdu

Abdu was dancing and holding a selfie stick and singing the song with Manisha, but she started giving him kisses, he then got uncomfortable and moved his face away from her and laughed. But Manisha kept saying "I want to Kiss you".

Bigg Boss OTT

Once the task ended, Abdu walked away from her. He told Bigg Boss, "I am done. She killed me. Why did I not choose someone else instead of her? This was one big mistake in my life. She is crazy."

On the other hand, Jiya and Avinash Sachdeva were seen discussing the incident and said Abdu look uncomfortable while Manisha forcibly kissed and tried holding his hands.

Uorfi Javed took to her Instagram Stories and shared a screenshot of Manisha getting close to Abdu and wrote, "This was so comfortable to watch. Why was she forcibly kissing him? He's not a kid. Boundaries people."

uorfi javed

Twitter reacts to Manisha forcibly trying to kiss Abdu

A user said, "#ManishaRani is cheap, vulgar & disgusting, how cheaply she forcefully try to kiss #Abdu. After being nominated, now she is going to do fake jhagde with Jiya & babika & fake crying for getting footage and sympathy."

Another said, "If a guy did what #ManishaRani did to Abdu, pulling him and kissing, picking him up, forcing him to kiss her. I would call that guy #JadHadid!

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This week, Akanksha Puri became the fourth contestant to be evicted from the house. Nominated contestants Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar, and Akanksha were asked to discuss among themselves and decide who deserves to get eliminated. However, the trio failed to do so within the given time following which Salman Khan interrupted and evicted Akanksha Puri due to fewer votes. On the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.