Actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in June 2020. His untimely demise shook the nation. Immediately after his death, SRR's girlfriend actor Rhea Chakraborty came under scrutiny for various reasons. There was an intense media trial and Rhea was at the centre of it. Rhea was put behind bars in Byculla jail as she was accused of procuring drugs for the actor. Sushant died in June 2020 and in the following weeks. She spent around six weeks in jail, following which, she got her bail.

Rhea Chakrabortyand ssr

At the recent India Today Conclave, Rhea made shocking revelations and spoke fearlessly over several charges that were levied upon her.

She spoke about the media trial, whether she procured drugs for SSR, whether she did black magic on SSR and more.

On doing black magic on SSR

Rhea said, "I like being called 'chudail'. It is interesting. Back in the day who was a witch? A witch was a woman who did not subscribe to the patriarchal society or her own opinion that was against the popular opinion of men and the patriarchal society. Maybe I am that person, maybe I am a chudail. Maybe I know how to do black magic."

After Rajput's sudden she was massively trolled and was termed as a 'witch-hunt'.

She further said, "Unfortunately, even today if some man is successful and he gets married and his success ratio drops they will say 'dekho jab se ye zindagi mein aayi tab se ye iska career kharab ho gaya hai'. (Ever since she has come into her life, he has had a major downfall).

"It's almost like the man had no identity before the woman. Men in India most definitely do not listen to their wives or girlfriends and if they did it would've been a much better society. It is a patriarchal society and that is why many things being said about me were in the sphere of patriarchy, " she said.


She said she "doused" herself in therapy after Rajput's demise.

Rhea said that SSR had his own identity and that he came from a small town and made it big in the industry. "There is no black magic in this world, let me clear that."

Rajput, 34, was found hanging at his apartment in suburban Bandra on June 14, 2020. After a case of alleged abetment to suicide was registered against Chakraborty by Rajput's parents, a parallel probe into alleged drug procurement by her also began on the basis of her WhatsApp chats.


Rhea on how people react after seeing her

Speaking with India Today, Rhea said, "Honestly, when I enter a room, I can see it in people's faces. I can see people looking at me with pitiful eyes ki kaise zinda hai (how is she alive) and some others are like we are rooting for her and she should go on. When I have conversations with people, I can hear the thoughts in their minds. Sometimes they look at me and think she doesn't seem like a criminal. I can feel that thought at the same time. Does it matter to me? Absolutely not."


Rhea speaks about drugs

She said I am done with this topic. I don't want to talk about drugs, I don't want to talk about NCB. I don't want to talk about CBI".

Sushant was found dead in his apartment on 14, 2020. A case of alleged abetment to suicide was registered against Rhea by Sushant's parents. A parallel probe into alleged drug procurement by her also began on the basis of her WhatsApp chats.

Reportedly, Rhea dated SSR briefly between 2019-2020. Rhea returned to work this year. The actress is currently hosting the 19th season of Roadies.

Rhea's case is still sub-judice.