The Indian automobile market is growing significantly with new launches from renowned automakers. The competition in the market has welcomed several new models with effective pricing combined with attractive specs. The latest entry to the compact SUV segment, Hyundai Creta, grabbed nationwide attention for its exquisite design and impressive features.

Creta has challenged other compact SUVs in the category, including the best-selling Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport.

Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster, Ford Ecosport and Nissan Terrano come in both petrol and diesel variants with almost identical engine specs, but different pricing. Here is a look at all the models and their pricing (ex-Delhi) for those who are on the fence about choosing the most affordable SUV in the market.

Hyundai Creta

The latest compact SUV comes at an affordable price and the range starts at Rs 8.59 lakh for petrol variant and Rs 9.46 lakh for diesel engine. These are the pricing for the base variants, while those who want more power in diesel can opt for Creta 1.6 SX, starting at Rs 11.59 lakh. Prices of other models are:

  • Creta S (petrol 1.6): Rs 9.57 lakh
  • Creta S+ (petrol 1.6): Rs 11.19 lakh
  • Creta S (diesel 1.4): Rs 10.42 lakh
  • Creta S+ (diesel 1.4): Rs 11.45 lakh
  • Creta SX+ (diesel 1.6): Rs 12.67 lakh
  • Creta SX O (diesel 1.6): Rs 13.60 lakh
  • Creta SX+ Automatic (diesel 1.6): Rs 13.57 lakh

Renault Duster

Renault Duster has enjoyed a great success for an elongated period of time. Even as new challengers arrive, Duster continues to remain a favourite of several potential buyers. Here is a look at the pricing of Duster (ex-Delhi), from the base variant to high-end model.

  • Duster RxE (petrol): Rs 8 lakh
  • Duster RxL (petrol): Rs 9.46 lakh
  • Duster RxE (diesel 85PS): Rs 9.06 lakh
  • Duster RxL (diesel 85PS): Rs 9.99 lakh
  • Duster RxL Plus (diesel 85PS): Rs 10.79 lakh
  • Duster RxL Option (diesel 85PS): Rs 11.39
  • Duster RxL (diesel 110PS): Rs 11.10 lakh
  • Duster RxZ Plus (diesel 110PS): Rs 12.37 lakh
  • Duster RxZ Option (diesel 110PS): Rs 12.42 lakh
  • Duster RxL AWD: Rs 12.47 lakh
  • Duster RxZ AWD: Rs 13.54 lakh

Ford Ecosport

Ford's affordable SUV Ecosport packs both style and performance. Truly a compact SUV, Ecosport has impressed auto enthusiasts with its design, specs, features and price. Offered in both petrol and diesel options, Ecosport competes with Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. Here are the prices of its variants:

  • Ecosport Ambiente (petrol 1.5 TI VCT): Rs 6.8 lakh
  • Ecosport Trend (petrol 1.5 TI VCT): Rs 7.7 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium (petrol 1.5 TI VCT): Rs 8.7 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium (petrol 1.0 Ecoboost): Rs 9.1 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium Optional (petrol 1.0 Ecoboost): Rs 9.7 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium Automatic (petrol 1.5 TI VCT) Rs 9.7 lakh
  • Ecosport Ambiente (diesel 1.5): Rs 7.9 lakh
  • Ecosport Trend (diesel 1.5): Rs 8.6 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium (diesel 1.5): Rs 9.6 lakh
  • Ecosport Titanium Optional (diesel 1.5): Rs 10.2 lakh