Hyundai Creta
Hyundai CretaPR handout

The Creta SUV and the Elite i20 hatchback are Hyundai's best-sellers in its respective segments and both the vehicles contribute to a major share of the Korean car-maker's sales in India. According to reports, Hyundai is all set to launch automatic transmission to the petrol version of both the vehicles. 

At present, Hyundai sells the Creta diesel with automatic transmission in just SX+ variants. Among the 62,195 units of the Creta sold in India, over 11,000 units are this SX+ six-speed automatic transmission. The decision to bring automatic transmission to petrol engine has been taken after company found huge demand for automatic transmissions in the market, the Financial Express reported. 

"There is an open space for introducing an automatic transmission in petrol in the Creta ... we have got strong inputs from our dealer partners and there are considerable enquiries for a petrol automatic," said a Hyundai spokesperson to the publication.

In the case of the Elite i20, both the petrol and diesel versions are sold in five-speed and six-speed manual transmissions only. Launched in August 2014, the Elite i20 clocked over 1.8 lakh sales. Introduction of the automatic version is expected to boost the sales of the Elite i10 further.

Hyundai is not very keen on bringing Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). Both the vehicles will get fully automatic transmission. "For us, AMT is a transient technology. As of now, we would like to continue with two gearbox options—manual and fully-automatic," the spokesperson added.