Gugudan's Hyeyeon file image
Gugudan's Hyeyeon file imageGetty Images

Hyeyeon of South Korean K-pop girl band Gugudan, recently announced her departure from the girl group. The news came on October 25 from Jellyfish Entertainment after Hyeyeon's discussion regarding her future career path. The artist has been on a break from Gugudan's activities since May due to health concerns. The Entertainment agency stated that although the artist will not be associated with the group, Hyeyeon will still be affiliated with the agency.

Following the news of her departure, Hyeyeon has released a handwritten letter to her fans expressing her mixed emotions on the same. She shares her gratitude to her fans and the love and support she received as a Gugudan member. Hyeyeon also expressed her deep sorrow on her decision to leave the group. She took the opportunity to apologise for the late update on her departure and promised to focus on her career and health.

A few snippets from Hyeyeon's letter to her fans:

"Just as stated in the announcement by our agency, I will be concluding my activities as a member of Gugudan, and will henceforth be supporting Gugudan as a dear friend with all of you. I have been away from you due to health reasons, taking a break and focussing on my studies. During that time, I thought a lot about many things came to this decision" stated Hyeyeon.

The artist further gave an update on her health stating "My health is recovering well, and I am doing well in school". Hyeyeon fondly remembered her good times with the group and wrote "I have been able to have such a wonderful time and create so many great memories and priceless experiences. I will treasure every moment and I will return to share what I have been up to".

Gugudan will now consist of eight members. The girls Hana, Mimi, Nayoung, Haebin, Kim Sejeong, Soyee, Sally and Mina are preparing to make a comeback on November with their third mini album.