In Hyderabad, two men have been arrested for running a hospital, despite being college dropouts. The two are school and college dropouts, Mohammad Shoaib Subhani and Mohammad Abdul Mujeeb were arrested for running a hospital in Mehdipatnam. Shockingly, they had managed to get a license and even treated people. 

The registration it was found was done with false identification so as to obtain the license for a private hospital. The license obtained incidentally stands valid till 2022. 

Two fake doctors run a hospital with valid license

During a global pandemic, the last thing anybody wants to hear is that their hospital or doctor is a quack. It may make for a great, heartfelt movie, but is, in reality, a huge threat. That is exactly the story of a hospital in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad

Two school and college dropouts were running a 30-bed hospital in Mehdipatnam for the past three years. The license issued for the hospital is valid up to 2022. However, this license was obtained by providing false identification. 

Mohammad Shoaib Subhani and Mohammad Abdul Mujeeb

A task force in the city uncovered the hospital and the two fraudulent owners' activities. 42-year-old Mohammad Abdul Mujeeb a Class 10 dropout was posing as a qualified doctor, having previously worked at a private hospital in Humayunnagar, Mehdipatnam as a Managing Director he brought in 35-year-old Mohammad Shoaib Subhani, a college dropout to create Sameer Hospital.

Mujeed had got himself an Adhaar card that said Dr Abdul Mujeeb to mislead authorities, the pair had hired consulting doctors as well to patients the West Task Force Inspector B Gattu Mallu told Deccan Chronicle. According to reports the police received a tip-off on the matter following which they nabbed the two on Sunday and seized their registration certificate issued by the District Medical and Health Officer.