Thai sex slave
In picture: A Thai go-go dancers waits for customers at Bangkok's normally packed Soi Cowboy red-light area just before curfew May 25, 2010. [Representational image]Reuters

The Hyderabad North Zone task force has reportedly busted a prostitution racket in the city. The police have arrested a Tollywood actress and Bengal TV actress and also seized Rs 50,000 from them.

Of late, Hyderabad has been creating a lot of buzz on national media for all wrong reasons. The city created headlines earlier this year over a drug racket and contract marriages of young girls. Now, it is concluding the year on another negative note with the busting of a prostitution racket.

After getting a tip-off about a prostitution racket, the police officials from the North Zone Task Force conducted an operation in a star hotel and arrested a person named Maneesh Kadakiya and the hotel manager. The Police have reportedly caught five people red-handled engaged in flesh trade in the city.

It is also reported that the actresses were said to be targeting rich people and charging more than Rs 1 lakh rupees per night. The cops have reportedly seized over 50,000 rupees from the heroines. They are doing further investigation in to this flesh trade and are expected to reveal complete details soon.

News agency ANI‏ tweeted: "Prostitution racket busted by Hyderabad North Zone task force. Five people including a Tollywood actress and a television actress from West Bengal have been arrested. Rs 55,000 cash also seized. [sic]"

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