Moazzam Jahi Market wears a new look

The popular Moazzam Jahi Market in Hyderabad is all set to open up for the public after a total facelift. About 867 days of conservation work has made this place wears an entirely new look and it will now be a cultural hub.

For several decades, the historic structure was lying in a dilapidated state. Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) Arvind Kumar took up the challenge of restoring the structure.

Arvind Kumar tweeted after the market underwent a renovation, "It's Aug 15!! Renovated #MJMarket will be opened for us all."

On March 26, 2018, Arvind had tweeted, "Based on the advice of Minister @KTRTRS, I am adopting #MJ Market for its complete #heritage restoration..seen below is it's present condition! My time frame is 3-4 months. Seeking suggestions & participation of #Hyderabadis in this effort."

The structure is made of stone and it gets a lot of attention from the locals, who stop by to take a glance when it lights up at night. The heritage structure has been restored with new flooring and architectural lights.

Completely transformed

The building has undergone a complete transformation. Except for the exterior, which is in stone, the building now looks different. The ceiling, the flooring, wiring, signages and ducting have got a complete makeover. From the middle of the irregular triangular space, the tricolour proudly flutters.

Locals adapting to the change

A boy, whose mother runs a pot stall for over 50 years, stated that they have got a warning to remove their stall overnight or the stall will be damaged. He asked for justice from the authorities.

The market rent per shop starts at Rs 900. Most of the shopkeepers here have the shops inherited from their parents. One can see goods displayed outside shops for the customers to see.

The area is a market, which is all set to be turned into a cultural hub. The question is that how will it manage the change and what will happen to all the shops.