Go Ara as Kim Ah-ro in KBS drama Hwarang.Youtube/Screenshot

Hwarang will be back with an action-packed episode next Monday, January 16, at 10pm KST on KBS. Episode 9 of the Korean mini-series will continue to focus on the love triangle between Sun-woo a.k.a Dog-Bird, Ji-dwi and Ah-ro.

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While featuring the complicated relationships between the lead characters, the period drama will also take its viewers through some unexpected twists filled with tensed moments. But before getting into the details of it, here is a quick recap of episode 8.

Ahn Ji-gong's daughter was suspicious about the male lead right from the beginning and she finally came to know the truth from Woo-reuk. Towards the end of the sequel, he informs her about her brother Mak-moon's demise.

Later on, Go Ara's character meets the male protagonist at the corridor and she confronts him for hiding his real identity from her. "I am glad that you are my brother. But you are not," she says.

Hwarang episode 9 will pick up right from where it left off and will show the Dog-Bord trying to convince Ah-ro. However, she will refuse to accept him as her brother. The promo shows her saying, "What if I refuse? What if I say I do not want to have you as my brother?"

The sneak peek video then features a conversation between the female lead and Sammaekjong a.k.a Kim Ji-dwi. He asks her the reason for being sad and says, "If you are hurt because of some man, I shall kill him."

In the meantime, Queen Mother Jiso decides to get her son married to a woman named Sook Myung. But the King objects and informs her that he will choose his own bride, which makes the Queen furious. She confronts her son and asks him, "I worked so hard to protect you. Do you plan to ruin it all?"

Through the promo for the upcoming episode, Hwarang fans also get a glimpse of the Thanksgiving Festival. It shows Ban-ryu reminiscing his father's words while waiting for his turn at the back stage.

The video ends by teasing the demise of the female lead. She gets abducted by palace soldiers and the Queen instructs them to kill her. Will Sun-woo a.k.a Dog-Bird or Ji-dwi reach out for Ah-ro's help? Watch Hwarang episode 9 on January 16 to know more about it.

Check out the trailer for the Korean mini-series below: