A 37-year-old husband in northern Italy killed his three months pregnant wife because she loved wearing western clothes.

On Monday, Indian immigrant Kulbir Singh, who worked for an agricultural company, admitted that he killed his wife because he wanted to punish her for going against Indian traditions.

Singh told Piacenza city police that he strangled his 27-year-old wife, Balwinde Kaur, to death before throwing her dead body in the Po River, the AKI news agency reported.

On Sunday, 153 days after she went missing, Kaur's body was found floating in the Po river. Kaur's father reported her disappearance only on May 1. Singh told the police, his wife left home because she didn't want to live with him.   

Kaur's body was spotted on the river banks near S.Nazzaro di Monticelli D'Ongina by two girls who were walking in that area. Singh confessed to his crime after his wife's body was discovered.

According to Italian news agency AGI, Singh killed his pregnant wife because he feared that he would lose her. Kaur lived with her husband and her five-year-old boy for about 10 years on a cattle farm in Basilico Duce village, Fiorenzuola.

Kaur was a housewife and occasionally did some domestic jobs. She was quite known in Fiorenzuola and was liked so much by other mothers and their children who are attending the local kindergarten that they organized a search party when she went missing.

Singh who has no criminal record has also led a normal and quite life with his family. He was often seen taking the boy to school. The incident has left the entire community in shock. Kaur's family has lived in Tuscany, a region in Italy, for around 20 years.