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In an emotional plea to Australian authorities, the husband and brother of 41-year-old Indian national Prabha Arun Kumar have demanded the arrest of her killer and him being brought to justice.

Prabha was stabbed to death while talking to her husband G. Arun Kumar on the phone on Saturday night. She was 41 years old.

Talking to reporters in Sydney, her husband Arun Kumar said, "I cannot describe to you the pain I presently feel," reports Hindustan Times.

"My wife was a most caring and beautiful soul. I want whoever killed my gorgeous wife to be brought to justice."

Arun Kumar flew to Australia, where he stays with his nine-year-old daughter, from India on Monday.

With no suspects being identified so far, Shankar Shetty, Prabha's brother, also attended a police press conference to make a public appeal for information about the murder.

"I'm still coming to terms that I've lost my sister. She will never see her daughter grow up," Shetty said.

"You have taken my sister's life, please step forward and get help and get your life back."

"Nobody deserved to have anyone from their family taken away from them in these horrific circumstances," he said, adding, "The pain I have felt since (her death) has been unimaginable."

The task force which has been set up to investigate the murder has not been able to establish a motive as yet. The crime took place just a few hundred metres from Prabha's flat.

"There was no evidence of any sexual assault," a police spokesman said, adding that it was unlikely that the crime was racially motivated.

Several witnesses have been interviewed by police since the fatal attack.

The CCTV footage of Prabha walking from the Parramatta train station, just before she was stabbed, has also been released by the police.