Grocery store in Saudi Arabia
Saudi bans hiring of foreigners in 12 sectorsSTRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

In a move that would adversely affect many Indians in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom's ministry of labor and social development imposed restrictions on foreign workers from working in 12 sectors there. 

Dr Ali Al-Ghafees, the minister of Labour and Social Development, issued a ministerial decision banning foreigners from working in 12 sectors from early September 2018, reports Financial Express. The latest move is part of a drive is to encourage companies in the kingdom to employ more Saudi citizens and reduce unemployment.

The new rule would affect a large number of Indians and other foreigners who are employed in shops and showrooms in Saudi Arabia.  

According to the Financial Express report, these are the 12 job sectors banned for foreign workers:

• Sectors including car and motorbike showrooms, readymade clothes stores, home and office furniture stores, home appliances and kitchen utensils stores etc will be restricted to hiring foreigners from 11, September 2018.

• Electronics stores, watches and clocks stores, and optics stores will be restricted for the hiring of expatriates from November 9, 2018.

• Medical equipment and supplies stores, building material stores, auto spare parts stores, carpet selling stores, sweet shops will be restricted for hiring foreigners from January 7, 2019.