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For all those sappy lovebirds out there, looking for just a reason to flaunt their romance and cuteness overload to the world – the week leading up to Valentine's Day is probably a carpe diem moment of sorts. But for not so eternally romantic ones, comfort arrives in the form of February 12 – or international hug day.

Now, you might not be a hugger and nobody is holding you at fault for that. A lot of people suffer from touch issues, and that's okay. But it's hard to completely ignore the warmth, love, and compassion that one feels just by wrapping two arms around another's frame.

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There's something absolutely healing about hugs and it has been scientifically proven too. But this week isn't about science and logic – it's about lots and lots of adorable, mushy moments spread together – all culminating to those "eight letters – three words" everybody is dying to hear.

And hugs are one of the most foolproof ways of relaying support and comfort. It's a gesture relaying trust and a sense of safety – almost a silent way of saying that no matter what, the person will always be there to hold you in your toughest moments. And otherwise too, because that's love!

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Scientifically, hugging is supposed to relax muscles and release tension in the body. It can take away the pain and even cause an involuntary reflex of releasing oxytocin in the body – something that eases emotions of loneliness, isolation, anger and can even boost self-esteem because growing up, it has been a constant sign of affection from parents – to relay that we are loved and special.

Over the years, the types of hugs have evolved into multiple categories now and we have reached a stage where you can even tell if a person's hug is meaningful or not! But of course – nothing beats the charm of a good old bear hug – which is followed by a close second known as cuddling.

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Remember when hugs used to be one of the most R-rated forms of intimacy back in middle school when you were probably scared of catching them 'cooties'?

Well – they aren't anymore so go give your loved one(s) the tightest hug this Valentine's Day to show all that extra care and affection you're bubbling with!