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Hudhud Relief Fund: RGV Takes Dig at Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, NTR, Ram Charan, Prabhas MaheshBabu/jrNTR/Ram Charan/Prabhas/AlluArjun

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is reeling under the title controversy of his upcoming film "Sridevi", has made an indirect dig at the leading Telugu actors like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan Teja, Junior NTR, Prabhas and Allu Arjun for announcing a meagre amount of money as donations for the Hudhud relief fund.

Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan Teja, Junior NTR, Prabhas and Allu Arjun are popular actors in Telugu film industry and they reportedly draw several crores as remuneration for a single film. But none of these actors' donations have reportedly gone beyond the ₹50 lakh mark. Pawan Kalyan has announced the highest with ₹50 lakh, while the donation made by other actors are less than ₹25 lakh.

While Junior NTR, Prabhas and Allu Arjun donated ₹20 lakh each, Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan Teja have announced ₹50 lakh, ₹25 lakh, ₹15 lakh respectively as donation for the cause.

Put together, all these stars draw an average of ₹70 crore for a film together and the total donation they have made together reaches ₹1.5 crore, which looks quite a small amount, according to the director.

On 14 October, Ram Gopal Varma, who is shocked by the meagre donations, laughed off at them, tweeting, "Am shocked tht stars who hav100s of crores frm people r gvng jst a few lakhs to vizag..Thy r gvng lots of love n prayers bcos they are free."

Talking about the destruction caused by the deadly cyclone Hudhud, RGV sparked a new controversy between Hindu deities and that of other religions.

The filmmaker tweeted, "Does the fact that Hudhuds destructiveness in Vizag could not be countered by the Hindu Gods mean that some other Gods are stronger? If Kanaka Mahalakshmi and Narasimha Swamy couldn't counter Suleiman's Hudhud does it mean other Gods are stronger?"

Meanwhile, RGV appreciated the precautions taken by the authorities to minimise loss of lives. He continued, "If a natural disaster is an act of God what pleasure does God take in such destruction? I can't believe that everybody in Vizag is a sinner that he wanted to punish everybody...but ofcourse God knws bettr and I am jst a commoner."