Hrithik Roshan Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut
Hrithik Roshan Aamir Khan and Kangana RanautVarinder Chawla

Kangana Ranaut was reportedly very heartbroken and lonely after her split with Hrithik Roshan. However, reports say there was one person who was a big support for the actress, and it was none other than Aamir Khan. According to a report in the SpotboyE, Kangana shared every bit of the issue with Aamir after her reported break up with Hrithik.

Just a month before the release of "Katti Batti," Kangana met with Aamir to discuss a movie. The actress, who apparently shares a good equation with the "Dangal" actor, told him about her split with Hrithik, and even broke down before Aamir, the report said.

It added that Aamir had suggested Kangana to keep away from Hrithik, and move on. Aamir was reportedly quite concerned about the "Queen" actress, and had asked her sister Rangoli to take care of her.

Earlier, it was reported that Hrithik and Kangana had sent legal notices to each other. While the "Mohenjo Daro" actor had reportedly said Kangana had sent him as many as 1,439 "personal and senseless" emails, and also claimed the actress was suffering from Asperger's Syndrome. On the other side, Kangana had reportedly said Hirthik himself had given her his personal email ID just to communicate with her, and had later hacked into her email box in order to delete the conversations.

However, Hrithik recently released a statement in which he said the email ID did not belong to him and also that he would never say anything about anyone's mental health irresponsibly, and had been keeping mum on the issue as he was asked to do so.