Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday rolled out two new series of inkjet printers in India, targeted at small and medium businesses in the country.

The newly-released printers are HP Officejet Pro X series and HP Officejet Pro 3610/3620 Black and White series. HP Officejet Pro X series is claimed to be the world's fastest desktop printer.

The printer is said to be capable of delivering high-quality documents at up to twice the speed and half the cost of colour lasers. The latest printer from HP has the capacity to connect up to 15 users at a time. The HP Officejet Pro X Series is priced between ₹31,499 and ₹50,499.

HP second printer series, Officejet Pro Black & White series, comes in two models - HP Officejet Pro 3610 Black and White and HP Officejet Pro 3620 Black. According to the company, this series is capable of giving out laser-like quality and performance for a very low cost.

The HP Officejet Pro 3610 and 3620 Black & White all-in-one printers features built-in Ethernet, ePrint and air print support. HP Officejet Pro 3610 Black and White is priced at ₹7,999, while HP Officejet Pro 3620 Black is available for ₹11,999.

"We at HP continue to advance inkjet innovation to help businesses succeed. The latest HP Officejet Pro 3610/ 3620 Black & White series features high print quality and reliability that offers businesses peace of mind at a very low cost," said Nitin Hiranandani, Director, Printing Systems, PPS, HP.