Smart Mirror HiMirrorScreenshot from HiMirror

Looking at one's own reflection in the mirror can make or spoil one's day. There are mirrors that make you look better than you really are but that won't change the actual you. But here is a smart mirror, HiMirror that points out every dark spot in your face to improve your complexion.

HiMirror, a consumer electronics brand of New Kinpo Group, has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home product category. It is the world's first personal beauty and health consultant providing a revolutionary approach to daily beauty by providing in-depth and "personalised skincare analysis based on the evolving condition of a user's skin as s/he ages."

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What makes HiMirror stand above other competitors in the market is its camera that captures the skin tone of the user as it is. It doesn't just take pictures, but analyse the user's slin condition, including complexion, acne, wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, dark circles, red spots, and pores etc to help them identify the areas that needs treatment. It also develops the very best in custom-built skincare routines, and offers skincare tips.

HiMirror's official website said that its "skin tracking system lets you view your progress each day, records your skin's conditions, and then compares them with those from the previous months. This allows you to quickly and easily see which products really work for you."

The company has also ensured the privacy of HiMirror users by making all the information anonymous through encryption. It also comes with built-in system and data protection, and its camera can be activated only with an individual security key.

Launched in October in the US, HiMirror is priced at $189. The smart mirror and the Smart Body Scale ($79) combo is currently available on sale for $229 against the original price of $268.

(Source: PRNewswire)