Although Kdrama show "She Was Pretty" has come to an end, for Super Junior member Choi Siwon, this is just the beginning. The actor/singer has garnered praise and a large fandom for his role as a journalist for "The Most", a fictional fashion magazine.

A recent news article claimed Choi Siwon might suffer from "Second Lead Syndrome", in which actors playing a secondary character become more famous than the protagonists.

Many critics have hailed Siwon's acting skills and complemented him for being au naturel on screen. So it was no surprise that SM Entertainment's CEO Lee Soo Man took notice of Siwon in "She Was Pretty". According to reports, the media mogul met the actor and shot a slew of questions at him.

At a recent press conference, Siwon revealed Lee Soo Man's burning questions. According to the actor, the SM Entertainment head believed Siwon and his character are the same, reported Allkpop.

"I've known Lee Soo Man teacher for 15 years, but he asked me, 'Is your original personality like that?'," Siwon said.

Furthermore, 29-year-old Siwon, who plays the role of journalist Kim Shin Hyuk in "She was Pretty", said he shares some basic traits with the character.

Meanwhile, Siwon has been chosen as a UNICEF ambassador to help schools in 11 Asian countries. "I hope I can play a part in creating a world where every child feels happy,' the actor said, according to Chosun Ilbo.