Twitter's introduction of "pink hearts" for "likes" was not welcomed with open arms as users refute to accept the change. Any new change on a service regularly used is not widely accepted at first. Over the course of time, users may come to accept the change but until then, there will be a pit in the stomach every time they see a "pink heart" in place of a "yellow star".

Twitter was stormed with tweets from users expressing their reluctance to accept the change. But a Twitter user Reed Kavner (@reedkavner) has come to the rescue of users with a simple solution. Kavner has developed a Chrome extension that brings back the "star" and the "favourite" feature.

The Chrome extension that turns the "pink hearts" to "yellow stars" can be found on Chrome web store. The extension works only with Google Chrome browser, so if you are using other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, you are out of luck. Either you change the browser or live on with the minor change on Twitter.

The process of replacing "hearts" with "stars" is simple. Users must add Fav Forever extension to their Google Chrome browser by clicking on Add. Once the free extension is added to the browser, refresh or launch Twitter on Chrome. The "pink hearts" for "likes" will be replaced by "yellow stars" for "favourites".

Later if you think you are prepared to accept the change, go to Settings > Extensions and uncheck Fav Forever or delete it completely.

Twitter forced upon a new change across board on Tuesday morning by replacing the "favourite" feature with "like". Twitter also changed the "star" symbol used for favouriting a tweet with a "pink heart" that now represents "likes". The micro-blogging site made a strong argument explaining how the "hearts" help users express better than "stars".