2020 has certainly been a tough year for the entire world. Besides the health risks, businesses took a massive hit. The aviation sector was one of the worst hit due to the global pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China. But some pilots instilled hope by sending out COVID messages to the sky, quite literally.

Beginning of the year, health experts and scientists were baffled by the widespread of COVID-19. Come March, the entire world had been under lockdown. Until an effective way to curb the spread the deadly virus was out, experts only had one suggestion – Stay at home. 2020 has almost come to an end and the news about vaccines has finally reinstated hope that things might go back to normal.

Pilots had a unique way to capture the biggest moments of 2020, in the context of COVID. From drawing "stay home" message high up in the sky to drawing a syringe to celebrate the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine, see how pilots made the sky their canvas.

Pilot drew syringe

Pilots celebrate COVID vaccine

A German pilot celebrated the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine by drawing a 70 km long syringe 5,000 feet in the air. The pilot completed the syringe flight path, flying between Friedrichshafen and Ulm, in just over an hour. FlightRadar24, which tracks live air traffic, shared the flight path of Diamond DA-20 Katana, which was used to draw the syringe in the sky just before Christmas.

Stay home message in the sky

Back in March, an Austrian pilot flew a Diamond DA40 Diamond Star drew "stay home" message in the sky on the short flight from Wiener Neustadt to Graz just south of Vienna. It took 24 minute to spell out each letter of the words "stay home."

Pilot art
How pilots took COVID messages to sky in 2020 – literally [Must see]

Similarly, there were other decorative flights that drew some artistic insignia in the sky. Back in April, pilots gave a shout out to the frontline workers by drawing a huge thumbs up in the sky for the medical staff and in other one, the pilot drew NHS on the sky.