Parents of a newborn were on cloud nine and above, quite literally. Captain of the IndiGo flight 6E 122 from Delhi to Bengaluru had a special announcement to make while in the air and every onboard passenger was beaming with joy.

No one knew their 3-hour journey from Delhi to Bengaluru is going to get eventful. The IndiGo 6E 122 landed at Bengaluru airport at 7:40 p.m., but the crew had helped deliver a baby on the flight nearly an hour before the arrival on Wednesday.

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"We just got information that a baby boy was born in our flight en route 6E 122 Delhi - BLR. Flight landing at 19:40. All operations normal. Mother and child healthy. Congratulations to all. Kudos to your training Team First Aid," the airlines said in a statement.

The delivery was done without any disruptions to the flight operations. The mother and the new born infant received a grand welcome as the crew even drew up a flag. 

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Meanwhile, the IndiGo crew received a lot of praise for their efforts.