The year 2016 has not begun on a good note for BIGBANG member Seungri. Latest news reports suggest that the kpop idol has lost nearly 2 billion won (approximately $1.67 million). This revelation, first reported by Korean media agency Channel A, claimed that Seungri filed a lawsuit against a female singer on Tuesday, 29 December, 2015.

According to Soompi, the "Bang Bang Bang" singer invested in a real estate company and spent 2 billion won in June 2014. A month later, Seungri added another 50 million won when he was told that more funds were required.

When Seungri did not hear about any developments in the projects and did not receive his money, he pursued a legal case against Miss. Shin, reported Allkpop.

It appears that the 25-year-old BIGBANG band member has filed the case without any consultation from the media agency, YG Entertainment. In fact, the company even confirmed that Seungri will handle the case by himself. However, a representative from YG told Herald POP on Tuesday, 5 January, "His lawsuit is a personal issue, but the company will likewise take action with him. We will definitely unveil the true relationship through many different investigations.

The female singer involved is Shin Eun Sung, who began her music career in 2003 and has so far released two albums. Until recently, the singer ran her own talent agency.