It was only a few months ago that G-Dragon's little fan Choo Sarang met him on the popular Kdrama "The Return of the Superman". The BIGBANG member flirted with his paternal side and proved to be a wonderful playmate and companion to Sarang. At the end of the episode, the rapper fell in love with his young fan as much as she adores him. So it was no surprise that Sarang attended BIGBANG's MADE concert in Japan.

The young fan spent time with members of the band backstage and her father posted several pictures on his Instagram account. In the pictures, Sarang is seen wearing a black BIGBANG T-shirt with the words "BIGBANG is my everything". After Sarang's father posted the photo on his Instagram account, GD uploaded the same picture on his Instagram account.

Soompi reported that Jiyong aka G-Dragon also showered his young fan with a lot of gifts. Sarang was seen holding her gifts in one picture, captioned: "G-Dragon's presents, I really like them. Thank you, G-Dragon. " Among her gifts is a pink beanie, reported Kpopstarz.

G-Dragon and Sarang are known to share a special relationship. The "Heartbreaker" singer has often posted pictures of his little fan on his Instagram account, and has made several appearances on "The Return of the Superman" to meet his avowed fan.