Celebrities, normally, try their best to hide their love affairs from media and public. Although today people are more open to speak about the person whom they are in love, it was not the same decades ago.

Ajith Kumar and Shalini
Ajith Kumar and Shalini.Ajith Fans Page

There are ample of love stories in film industry where actors fell in love and found ways to keep it out of the media glare. One such romantic story was between Ajith Kumar and Shalini. Now, a Malayalam actor has revealed an interesting secret about their affair and how he had helped their love to blossom.

A Long Kept Secret
In an interview, Malayalam actor Kunchacko Boban has opened up about a long-kept secret about the star couple's affair. Well, Thala used to call his mobile during the shooting of Mollywood flick Niram.

According to him, Ajith was not visiting the sets of her films or talked directly to Shalini as her parents were around. Kunchacko Boban had Ericsson mobile back then and the couple used to chat during the breaks on his cell phone.

A picture of Ajith and Shalini.PR Handout

Ajith used to call Kunchacko Boban's mobile to avoid getting noticed by Shalini's parents. Whenever the Malayalam actor received call from Thala, he used to inform her that "Sona, AK-47 is calling."

Sona was the name of the character played by Shalini in Niram and AK is the short form of Ajith Kumar. Soon, Kamal, director of the film, came to know about their hide-and-seek game.

Ajith and Shalini fell in love during the making of Amarkalam. After dating for a brief period, they tied the knot in 2000.