How to make a face mask at home? It is a million-dollar question for which everyone is looking for an answer. Bollywood actor Ronit Roy has released a video to demonstrate how one can save themself from corona with a T-Shirt.

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, there is a dearth of life-saving face masks. The lockdown has slowed down the production and transportation of masks considerably. There is a huge demand for them in the market, as everyone is looking out to buy them to save themselves from the coronavirus infection.

Ronit Roy shows how to make mask at home
Ronit Roy shows how to make mask at homeTwitter

This sudden rise in the demand of the mask has made many Google for the solution for it. Most of them are searching for an answer for one question - How to make a face mask at home? Ronit Bose Roy took to his Twitter page to answer them all. The popular character artist shared a video and captioned it with, "No mask? Tension nahin Leneka! Simple hai!"

In the 45-second-long video, Ronit Bose Roy demonstrates how one can cover their face fully except eyes. He uses a T-Shirt to make a face mask. He proves that it is 100 percent safeguard them from the coronavirus. After wearing the face mask, he lights a cigarette lighter in front of his mouth and tries to blow it off. He shows how tough it is to blow off and this cover will not allow corona to enter one's body.

How to make face mask at home?
How to make face mask at home?Twitter

Ronit Bose Roy's followers on Twitter are absolutely fallen in love with his idea of a simple way to make a face mask at home. Some of them liked his post and shared it with their followers. But a few were doubtful about the breathing issues. They asked if he can't blow off the lighter, how he can breathe. Vipul tweeted, "Bas one question.. Agar phook bahar nahi jaa raha toh insaan saans kaise lega."

 Ronit Bose Roy recently recalled about shooting for Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain season 1 and 2. The actor tweeted, "I really enjoyed shootingseason 1 and 2 of #KehneKoHumsafarHain Now airing on @ZeeTV  However season 3 coming soon on @altbalaji and @ZEE5India  will be worth the wait!"