A stressed woman
[Representational Image] Study shows stress can claim up to five years of a person's life.Getty Images/ d3sign

Stress is the most common cause of many chronic illnesses, including heart diseases. People across the globe struggle to cope with the pressure of their day-to-day lives.

While some of the adults end up being tired and depressed after getting exposed to enormous pressure, a section of them gets addicted to alcohol for a temporary relief.

A research report by Drinkaware, a UK-based charitable trust for spreading awareness on the harmful effects of alcohol, shows that 60 percent of adults consume alcohol for stress relief.

For the study, the researchers observed over 6,000 adults between the age group of 18 and 75. They found out that majority of the participants consumed alcohol to cope with the pressure of their daily lives.

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Elaine Hindal, the chief executive of Drinkware, said that January could be the most difficult time of year for many people, as "concerns about finances and debt come sharply into focus".

"What this thought provoking survey shows is that a worrying number of people are drinking alcohol to help them cope with the pressures of day to day life," she explained.

Hindal then said that consumption of alcohol for a longer period of time can lead to anxiety and depression. As a result, an adult who consumes alcohol for stress relief may gradually find it difficult to cope with the pressure of day-to-day lives.

"Whilst people might think having a drink after a hard day can help them relax, in the long run it can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety and make stress harder to deal with,' Independent quoted her as saying.

Another research report shows that an adult spends more than two hours a day feeling pressured and it can take up over five years of the person's lifetime.

However, there is nothing to be worried. A new study shows that stress is something that our ancestors banked upon to prepare themselves during the time of danger.

Dr Megan Arroll, the leading psychologist with Healthspan, says that it is still possible to convert body's stress response for benefits. According to her, a change in mindset can help an adult lead a stress-free life.

She has shared four easy ways to cope with the pressure of day-to-day lives through her new book on irritable bowel syndrome called IBS – Navigating Your Way To Recovery.

"Stress impacts on our mind and bodies in many ways and manifests itself in a very physical way for many of us. Stress can be a result of overburdening ourselves so don't feel you need to do everything all the time – prioritize yourself as it's impossible to care for others if you're burnt out," Mail Online quoted her.

"We are often better at showing understanding and compassion to pretty much anyone else but ourselves. So practice being kind to you. This means saying no, having some rest time and perhaps most importantly, not berating ourselves for trivial matters. We all have an inner critic but this voice can be dampened by self-compassion," she added.

Check out the four easy ways to lead a stress-free life:

Remember most difficult challenges you have overcome in the past: Self-confidence and reassurance are the two most important things required to deal with the difficult times. Remembering the most difficult challenges you have overcome in the past can give you strength to cope with the pressure of your day-to-day lives.

Set boundaries and stick to them: You know your limits. Don't say yes to anything and everything. Whether you are at your home or at your workplace, set boundaries and stick to them.

Have a positive attitude towards new challenges: Whenever you are faced with a new challenge, don't be unpleasant and view it as a threatening and debilitating task. Instead, think about everything you can learn from it.

Kindness and compassion: It is always important to be kind to yourself during hard times. If you trip a little during a difficult task, don't blame yourself. Just encourage yourself and treat yourself as a good friend would do.