If you are wondering how to find out if the country is going through a phase of economic recession, BJP MP has found just the right indicator to measure India's economy

Naysayers who claim that the Indian economy has failed are wrong because marriage halls and hotels are filled to capacity, Union Minister of State for Railways Suresh Angadi said on Friday.

"Most of the media, most people say the economy is a failure. You just imagine you go to any hotel, you go to any marriage hall, you go to any flight, even railways... every day (there is a) complaint," Angadi said while speaking at a technical seminar at a resort near Panaji.

Suresh Angadi
Union Minister Suresh Angadi

'The only thing we are not working sincerely on — working hard'

"When you are not getting tickets -- demand is always there. So when so much of demand is there, where is the economy a failure?" Angadi said.

The Union Minister said that India needs to focus on its manufacturing sector, saying that was a key sector in which the country was lagging. "The only thing we are not working sincerely on -- working hard. We have to go for it. We have to go to the manufacturing sector," the BJP leader from Karnataka said.

Previously, BJP MP refutes economic slowdown as people wear 'coats' in India

Virendra Singh Mast
Virendra Singh Mast

This is not the first time a BJP leader has dismissed reports of the economic slowdown in the country. Previously, while addressing a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh's Balia Feb 9, BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast claimed that there was no sign of recession in India as people are still wearing coats and jackets instead of kurta and dhoti.

Mast said, "There are discussions in Delhi and the world about a recession. If there was any recession, we would have come here wearing kurta and dhoti, not coats and jackets. If there was a recession, we wouldn't have bought clothes, pants and pyjamas."