How to Get Away with Murder
Will Wes Gibbins show 'How to Get Away with Murder' in the mid-season premiere episode of ABC's new legal drama.Facebook/How to Get Away with Murder

Unlike the last nine episodes of "How to Get Away with Murder" (HTGAWM), the viewers can expect some provocative scenes in the next six episodes of ABC's new legal drama.

Apart from unfolding the mystery behind the twin-murder case of Professor Sam Keating (Tom Verica) and his student Lila Stangard (Megan West), the show will also focus on the relationship between Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch).

From the beginning of "HTGAWM", Annalise has shown some soft corner for Gibbins and some of her first year associates have also speculated if she has a biological relationship with him.

Although it is not clear whether the defence attorney is the step mother of her associate or not, but creator Peter Nowalk assured that the series will reveal more details about the puppy dog's past.

Recollecting the seventh episode of the series, wherein Gibbins tells Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) about his mother's death, Nowalk says it was a big bomb.

He teased that the scene clarifies a lot about the character's behaviour, including his loneliness and sadness. "It may also explain a little of his 'damsel-in-distress-rescue syndrome," Nowalk told TV Line.

If so, then he could probably take up the role of Raskolnikov in the mid-season premiere episode of "HTGAWM". 

Gibbins may have been the son of Sam and he could have had executed the professor's murder to take revenge of his mother's death.

Meanwhile, Viola Davis teased that the upcoming episodes of "HTGAWM" will have certain scenes that was never telecast on network TV, reported E!News.

To know more about Annalise and her associates, watch the mid-season premiere episode of ABC drama on 29 January, at 10 p.m.