How to Get Away with Murder
ABC's crime drama 'How to Get Away with Murder.'Facebook/How to Get Away with Murder

When it is teased that a major thread in the storyline will be revealed in the upcoming episode of a show, it changes the way viewers watch the sequel and the best example for this is ABC's new crime drama "How to Get Away with Murder" (HTGAWM).

Within a short span of time, the show has managed to pull more than nine million viewers and it is regarded as one of the high-rated small screen dramas with an average of 5.7 ratings, reported Deadline.

Ever since the premiere episode of "HTGAWM" was aired, the show has been keeping the viewers on the edge with surprising twists, gripping drama and unexpected character reveals.

The main reason for the success of the show is said to be its unpredicted plots, which revolves around the mysteries behind twin murder cases of Professor Sam Keating (Tom Verica) and his student Lila Stangard (Megan West).

The fans keenly wait to watch every episode of "HTGAWM" to find out more about the developments in the storyline. Every character in the crime drama is analyzed and scrutinized by the fandom, who come up with their own theories that are equally gripping.

While the crime drama secured 8.2 out of ten in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) review, it received 85% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes.

Meanwhile, the cast members of "HTGAWM", including Viola Davis, Tom Verica, Megan West, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Katie Findlay, Charlie Weber, Liza Weil and Billy Brown, have also played a vital role in winning the hearts of the viewers through their stunning performances.

Actors like King, Falahee, Souza, Enoch, McGorry and Verica even have the fans hooked with updates of the show and behind-the-scene shots of cast and crew.

With the mid-season finale episode of the crime drama, which is said to be the most anticipated episodes of the season, "HTGAWM" is expected to hit the list of top rated television dramas.