How to Get Away with Murder
Annalise Keating vs Asher Millstone.Facebook/How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her five first year associates were back on TV screens with "How to Get Away with Murder" (HTGAWM) episode 6 titled "Freakin'-Whack-A-Mole".

Unlike the first five episodes, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) was at the centre stage of the sixth episode of the American legal drama.

For the first time in the history of her career, defence attorney Annalise had no clue on how to save her new client David Allen from being held guilty of killing his girlfriend, reports The Wall Street Journal

"It's a death row case. And unless we do our jobs, Allen will die in less than two weeks," she informs her associates.

Gradually, the new murder case gets little personal when Annalise and her first year associates realise that Asher's father imprisoned Allen 21 years ago for convicting the crime.

Finally, Millstone takes the center stage with the little information he has about Allen's case that can help Annalise win the case.

He heads towards Annalise and negotiates two things with her before offering the hand-written ledger. 

The defence attorney assures Millstone that she will not drag his father into the case and once again, Annalise and her students succeed in their attempt to prove a client innocent in "Freakin'-Whack-A-Mole".

Meanwhile, the relationship between Professor Annalise and her first year associate Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) takes a new level in "HTGAWM" episode 6.

As Annalise realises that Gibbins did not attend her class, she decides to visit him and find out the reason behind his absence. However, Gibbins was not pleased to see his Professor in the apartment.

Gibbins is still angry with Annalise for hiding about Lila Stangard's (Megan West) murder case. He demands his professor to get his Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) back home.

Holding an envelop in hand, Gibbins blackmails Annalise saying, "I wrote down everything I know. I have another copy in the safe deposit. One phone call and it can send to the police."

In order to earn the trust of Gibbins, she seeks help from Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) in bringing back Sutter. She urges Delfino to put Stangard's phone in Griffin O'Reilly's (Lenny Platt) car to prove him the culprit for Stangard.

Though Annalise manages to bring back Sutter and convince Gibbins, "Freakin'-Whack-A-Mole" ends up with Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) having the evidence of Delfino planting the phone in Griffin's car.

However, the viewers of "HTGAWM" did not get to know much about Sam Keating's (Tom Verica) murder case as suggested by several spoilers. The fast forward sequence of the dark and stormy bonfire night reveals only about the whereabouts of Millstone.

Tune in to ABC Channel next Thursday, 6 November, at 10 pm to find more about the twin murder case of Professor Sam and his student Stangard.