The players of the recently-released Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain can access a host of useful equipment just by locating certain blueprints that are carefully hidden throughout the game.

In total, there are as many as 27 different blueprints to be found in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and here's a guide to locate all those blueprints.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – How to Find All 27 Blueprints

GEIST P3 Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Break Through the Blockade Force' and you'll unlock the GEIST P3 handgun.

WU S333 Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Restore the DMZ' and you'll acquire the WU S333 handgun.

URAGAN-5 Blueprint: Beat Mission 16 and search the Bampeve Plantation, and you will have the URAGAN-5 handgun.

ZORN-KP Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Defend the Pipeline' and you'll get the ZORN-KP handgun.

RIOT SMG Blueprint: Beat Side Op 05 at Wialo Village, and you will unlock the RIOT SMG submachine gun.

ZE'EV Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Search and Destroy Remaining Forces' and you'll have the blueprint for the ZE'EV submachine gun.

MACHT 37 Blueprint: There are two ways to do this; either beat Mission 23 and look for it in the Kungenga Mine or a gunship will drop it in Mission 21. In any case, you will have the MACHT 37 submachine gun.

UN-ARC Blueprint: Again, there are two ways to do this; either find the blueprint while exploring Wakh Sind Barracks in Mission 05 or beat Mission 06 and search the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. In either case, you will have the UN-ARC assault rifle.

G44 Blueprint: Search the Ditadi Abandoned Village for the G44 assault rifle blueprint.

KABARGA-83 Blueprint: Search the Mfinda Oilfield for the KABARGA-83 shotgun blueprint.

BULLHORN SG Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Prevent the Coup d'etat' for the Bullhorn SG shotgun blueprint.

ISANDO RGL-220 Blueprint: There are four ways to do this. Either look inside the South Guard Post of Ditadi Abandoned Village, or the West Guard Post in Kungenga Mine for the blueprint. You can also try the Northwest Guard Post while at Munoko ya Nioka Station or the South Guard Post at Nova Braga Airport. This will get you the ISANDO RGL-220 grenade launcher.

HAIL MGR-4 Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges' to get the HAIL MGR-4 grenade launcher blueprint.

BAMBETOV SV Blueprint: Search the blueprint in the Lamar Khaate Palace after beating Mission 06, or while on Mission 12 at the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. This gets you the BAMBETOV SV sniper rifle.

AM MRS-71 Rifle Blueprint: Beat the Dispatch Mission 'Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft,' and you will have the AM MRS-71 sniper rifle.

BRENNAN LRS-46 Blueprint: Beat Mission 23 and search Lufwa Valley to get the BRENNAN LRS-46 sniper rifle.

UN-AAM Blueprint: There are four ways to do this. Search the Northwest Guard Post inside Kiziba Camp, or look inside the South Guard Post at Kiziba Camp. The players can also explore the Southwest Guard Post while at Bampeve Plantation or search Nova Braga Airport, while on Mission 21, and you will get the UN-AAM machine gun.

LPG-61 Blueprint: Beat Dispatch Mission 'Recapture the Port Facilities', and you will get the LPG-61 machine gun.

FB MR R-LAUNCHER Blueprint: Beat the 'Liberate the Tanker' Dispatch Mission and you will unlock the FB MR ROCKET LAUNCHER.

PB SHIELD Blueprint: Find this during Mission 07 inside Wialo Village or at Ghwandai Town. You could also find it after finishing Mission 06. Search the East Guard Post while at the Aabe Shifap Ruins or while in the Smasei Fort to get the PB SHIELD.

STUN GRENADE Blueprint: Search the Kiziba Camp to find the Stun Grenade support weapon blueprint.

STUN ARM Blueprint: Beat Side Op 06 'Serak Power Plant' and you will have the prosthetic Stun Arm, Sneaking Stun and the H-Discharger.

FLAMETHROWER Blueprint: You will find this after beating Mission 31, while searching Munoko ya Nioka Station. It also comes as a fall from a gunship during Mission 41. This gets you the Flamethrower for the D-Walker.

IR-SENSOR Blueprint: Beat Side Op 07 'Qarya Sakhra Ee' and Snake will receive the IR-Sensor security device.

ANTITHEFT DEVICE Blueprint: Beat Side Op 08 at Masa Village and check the East Guard Post to find the Antitheft Security Device.

GUN-CAM DEFENDER Blueprint: Beat Side Op 09 at Nova Braga Airport for the Intercept Head D-Walker and the GUN-CAM Defender Security Device.

UA-DRONE Blueprint: Beat Side Op 10 at Afghanistan Central Base Camp to get the UA-Drone.

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[Source: Prima Games]