Kareena Kapoor Khan recalls days when Saroj Khan used to scold her
Kareena Kapoor Khan recalls days when Saroj Khan used to scold her.Video screengrab/Instagram

Kareena Kapoor Khan has won hearts of millions with her dance and expressions all these years. However, even she had to face some harsh words from veteran choreographer Saroj Khan during her struggling days.

On the show Dance India Dance, Kareena spoke about her initial days in the industry when Saroj Khan used to scold her a lot for not being able to dance properly. She also said that it is because of her that she and a lot of other actresses could become what they are today.

"It is very difficult to impress her (Saroj Khan)! During the shoot of Refugee, Master ji told me that you don't know how to move your hands and legs, how did you choose to become an actress! You are Karisma's sister. I told her (Saroj Khan) but I don't know how to dance, Masterji. She then told me if you can't move your hands and legs you need to dance with your face. She used to ask me to observe her closely and watch her face when she used to perform an entire song with her expressions. This is the reason why every heroine has become a heroine today- It is only because of Master Ji's expressions. That's all!," Kareena said.

Kareena further said that she used to try out Saroj's steps and expressions by locking herself in the bathroom.

"I used to lock myself in the bathroom and practice all of Master Ji's expressions because my mother always told me that if I want to be an actress, I must only watch Master Ji's songs and see the close-ups of all the heroines. I used to really practice them and I think that's the reason why we have all become heroines today. It was only because Masterji used to show us every expression before the shot." Bebo added.

In one of the promo videos of the show, Kareena is seen funnily narrating an incident when Saroj scolded her, and told her to move her waist properly at 1 in the night. The promo video is captioned as "Even Kareena wasn't spared when things didn't go according to Master Ji".