A lot happens on the field and off the field, even though we only get to witness what happens during the match, often only what the commentator tells us. Still we know the mental strength of a sports player is key in driving their game. 

R Ashwin was seen on the Star Sports series Mind Masters by MFORE. During the episode as a special guest, Ashwin revealed an interesting anecdote of how Dhoni helped him during the Champions Trophy in 2013 with a little boost. 

R Ashwin and MS Dhoni

R Ashwin opens about Dhoni on Mind Masters

Star Sports in partnership with MFORE launched a new series 'Mind Masters by MFORE. The first episode saw a plethora of cricketers sharing their thoughts on mental skills training in a video which included- MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Mike Hussey and many more. Special guests R Ashwin and RJ Balaji shared their experience, sharing insightful anecdotes to boot.

Among legendary cricketers who spoke about the importance of Mind Skills training, former West Indies legendary Brian Lara said to MFORE, "Talent is one thing, but one has to be mentally strong, which is a very important part of the game. I have worked on that part of the game more than anything else. So, for me, the key to be a top-class sportsperson, you need to focus on mental strength."

Mind Masters which airs on Star Sports 1 Tamil, this week has some exciting content for its viewers, as it will feature Ashwin along with former Indian cricketer Woorkeri Raman, discussing the importance of mental strength in the lives of sportspeople, especially cricketers.

In this episode, Ashwin discusses how cricketers go through various ups and downs in their journey. Ashwin also shares insight into his mental strength that came to his rescue to stay strong especially when he was made to sit on the bench during the 2011 WC, or the 2013 Champions Trophy, and his highly criticised performance during IPL.

A key moment that helped Ashwin stay mentally tough was when Sachin Tendulkar boosted his morale, Ashwin recounted, "Sachin came up to me and said, you're bowling really well in the nets, bowl like this when you get your game as well." Another incident where Ashwin spirit was lifted when Dhoni gave him confidence during the Champions Trophy of 2013, "Dhoni came and told me in the first game of the CT 2013 that I was bowling fantastic even though I didn't pick up a wicket."

The episode on Sunday will also feature Raman, former Indian cricketer and the current coach of Indian women's team. Raman will be sharing his insight on the initial struggles young cricketers face as they make the tough journey up the ranks, the rough patches every cricketer faces and how they keep themselves busy and mentally sharp.