Rakhi Sawant slams Mika Singh for performing in Pakistan
Rakhi Sawant slams Mika Singh for performing in PakistanPR Handout/Instagram

Rakhi Sawant came down heavily on singer Mika Singh for performing at wedding of Parvez Musharraf's relative in Pakistan.

The controversial diva slammed the singer left, right and centre, asking him why he compromised on the dignity of his country for the sake of some pennies. In a video shared with International Business Times India, Rakhi is seen saying that while Pakistan has banned Indian films from being screened there, Mika went there to perform at a wedding.

Rakhi lambasted the singer asking if he is so greedy for money that he did not bother about the country and Indian film industry's dignity. "India gave you all the name and fame. Why did you go there to spoil India's reputation? They have banned us, but you are so much after money that you don't care about the country's reputation. You should respect your country," Rakhi says in the video.

"I would not have said anything against Pakistan if they had not banned our films. How can you sell yourself for just a little money Mika?" she added.

Meanwhile, All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has banned Mika for the same reason. In a statement released on Tuesday, AICWA stated that they have boycotted Mika, and they will make sure that no one works with him in India, and whoever does, will face legal action.

Mika reportedly charged Rs 1 crore for his performance at wedding of Musharraf's cousin's daughter. As soon as the videos of his performance surfaced on the internet, netizens started slamming the singer.

Tension between India and Pakistan increased after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.