Judge Frank Caprio

 An anonymous Bengalurean has become a source of 'Namma Bengaluru' pride as the news emerged of him making a donation to a US court in South Carolina, which was revealed by Frank Caprio in an old video. 

The Bengalurean's donation has caught the internet's eye since last evening, as the video of Judge Caprio announcing the bail of an innocent mother in Rhode Island was circulated on social media. 

Bengalurean's donation helps serve justice

Judge Frank Caprio's work has been gaining praise since 2017 when his kindness went viral. Known for being a judge with a heart, he serves as the Chief Judge at the City of Providence Municipal Court at Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Recently, in 2020 however, Judge Caprio brought to light one incident.

In a video by Caught in Providence, a show Judge Caprio gained a large audience through, a woman appeared before the court charged with failing to exercise due care by a motorist. The accused was involved in an accident with a pedestrian. While she didn't appear in court following the case and said she'd paid the ticket online.

However, the system showed her transaction hadn't gone through but the amount was deducted from her credit card with no refund or reversal of the transaction. Taking into account that the woman had a baby, the court decided to suspend her license for not receiving notice and the judge said he knew she would have to go to the credit card company get the matter straightened out then come back to court and pay the dues to make the process gruelling for her.

Caught in Providence
Caught in Providence, YouTube

Instead, Judge Caprio said, "I have a very kind person from Bangalore, India and this person sent me one hundred dollars in cash asking me to use my discretion to help somebody that's deserving. You certainly are deserving. So, I am going to charge you one hundred dollars for this. I am going to use this one hundred dollars to pay the fine. So the fine's going to be paid. Now, your license is suspended. I am going to order our clerk to call the registry and reinstate you, based on the fact that this was done so that you won't have to go to the registry and wait there all day long trying to get it resolved okay?"

He also asked her to work with her credit card company to get the money she paid back and keep it. He then charged a fine of 86 dollars and gave her the fourteen, saying he knows she couldn't do much with it. But, the young mother said, "It's okay, it buys the milk right?"

The video of this court session caught the eye of Bengalureans a few days back who've been sharing it and applauding the person behind the donation as proof of a Bengalurean's big heart. 

I have a huge respect for Judge Caprio...he shows so much of compassion towards those who comes for hearing...but today I am really proud of my fellow Indian....you made us so proud Sir...by showing compassion with a big heart...stay blessed...stay safe"- Rukmini Som, Twitter