Witcher img 3
Witcher img 3

Are you dying a lot in The Witcher 3 without any apparent reason? If that is so, blame the very faulty fall damage mechanic in the game that sees you heading towards your end every time Geralt takes a wrong step.

And if that is the reason why you have, at least momentarily, stopped playing Witcher 3, know that there's now a workaround – one where you don't necessarily need to die every time. CD Projekt RED community coordinator Marcin Momot has offered his advice on how to avoid the fall damage, via Twitter.

He states: "Regarding the fall damage when jumping. Press the jump button twice as you're about to touch the ground to roll & avoid taking damage."

By no means will this be that great a workaround for fans looking to avoid the jump, but considering the fact that fans have been dying more often than not, this is all you have for the time being.

How many times did you die, on account of the fall damage? Is the workaround working out for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Gamingbolt]