Atlee is one of the most aspiring filmmakers in Kollywood, and he is now all set to make his Bollywood movie with none other than Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. The director who made his debut in 2013 with the movie Raja Rani has been several times accused of plagiarism.

After the release of Raja Rani, several people claimed that Raja Rani's thread is copied from Mouna Ragam directed by Mani Ratnam. And now, it has been learned that Atlee has copied the theme of Jason Statham's Hollywood movie to make Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Theri.


Theri inspired from Homefront

During a promotion event conducted before the release of Theri, Atlee had claimed that he spent more than a year to frame the story of the Vijay film. However, a simple Google search clearly hints at the fact that the basic thread of Theri is inspired from the 2013 Hollywood film Homefront.

Theri narrated the story of DCP Vijayakumar who goes into hiding in Kerala to bring up his daughter in a very safe environment. However, at one point in time, Vijayakumar's identity gets revealed, and his old feuds start hunting him.

This basic plot may seem familiar to several Indian movies in the past where the protagonist hides his original identity to lead a peaceful life. However, when we compare the storyline of Theri with Jason Statham's Homefront, the similarities are unbelievable.

In Homefront, Jason Statham played the role of Drug Enforcement Administration officer who elopes with his nine-year-old daughter to lead a peaceful life. However, things take an unexpected turn when his identity gets revealed in front of drug lords.

Even though Atlee has apparently copied the theme of Homefront, the filmmaker has made the movie in such a way that it will suit the needs of Tamil audiences.

Atlee's movie with Shah Rukh Khan

It has been recently reported that Atlee's next movie will have Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. This movie is expected to portray Shah Rukh Khan in dual roles, and the film will be an in and out action thriller.

Andhagaaram, produced by Atlee had its OTT premiere on Netflix a few days back, and the movie is receiving positive responses from all corners. This supernatural thriller stars Arjun Das, Vinoth Kishan, Pooja Ramachandran, and Misha Goshal in the lead roles.